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We have been operating for several weeks now with the new Covid-19 regulations and are slowly recovering although business is still far from what it was prior to the pandemic.  Thank you to everyone who has held an event at the lodge since we reopened our doors!

We have implemented a few new things to help keep our patrons healthy and safe while we fulfill our obligations as business owners to follow the requirements in the New Brunswick Mandatory Order.

We have created a couple of documents – the Covid-19 Lodge Rental Agreement and the Covid-19 Lodge Guest Record.  The first document covers physical distancing, non-medical masks, screening, hand hygiene and the second document covers the collection of contact tracing information.
Both these documents are available under the Rental Rate tab.

Finally, our Commercial General Liability insurance has recently imposed two new mandatory requirements.

The first requirement is related to catering at the lodge.  We continue to offer flexibility regarding food options by permitting patrons to provide their own food at their event. However, if you prefer to hire a caterer, we are now required to obtain a Certificate of Insurance from the caterer with Oakland Farm & Lodge named as an additional insured.  Apparently, this certificate is available at no cost.

The second requirement is, that for any event where alcohol will be consumed, our insurance now requires a Liquor Liability Policy that names Oakland Farm & Lodge as an additional insured for the event.   

We are continuing to work on finding a blanket liquor liability policy so as to minimize the inconvenience to our patrons.  In the interim we are able to provide an individual event policy for an approximate cost of $100 plus a small fee of $20 for us to apply on the patron’s behalf.

We have also created a third document - the Rental Insurance Information and Rules that outlines the information that is needed to meet these new insurance requirements.  This document is also available on the Rental Rate tab.

We deeply regret the additional burden these unplanned and unexpected requirements place on our customers and sincerely appreciate your cooperation and patience as we manage the Covid-19 and insurance challenges.

We encourage everyone to support small local businesses such as ours.
Small business is the backbone of our economy and needs your support now more than ever.