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We would like to begin by expressing our heartfelt thanks to all our past clients. We sincerely hope that everyone finds the support they need to stay healthy in both body and mind during this time of extreme stress. It is good to see and hear stories of people in our communities supporting each other in a variety of ways. We encourage everyone who can to donate to causes close to their heart – organizations such as homeless shelters, foodbanks and animal shelters. Many charitable organizations have said they would welcome on-line donations and pre-arranged drop offs.

As with all other businesses where people gather, we have closed our doors until the Covid 19 pandemic is behind us. We will work with clients who already have booked their events and will do everything we can to accommodate their wishes under these new circumstances. We are planning to use this time to do some work such as refinishing the tables and thoroughly cleaning all areas of the lodge. As soon as they are available, we will install touchless hand sanitizer dispensers.

Let’s all take care of ourselves and others by maintaining physical distancing of 2 metres or 6 feet, washing your hands thoroughly and frequently and staying home as much as possible. We all need to help to slow down and eventually stop the spread of this invisible enemy within our communities.

In closing, we wish to extend our best wishes to everyone as efforts continue to battle this world wide serious threat to public health. We look forward to the time when we all feel reassured it is safe to socialize and gather to celebrate life’s important events or to organize business events. In the coming months we look forward to hearing from and seeing our loyal regular clients and hopefully some new ones too.